Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greatest Promotional Giveaway Ever

This coming September 4, at ATT Park the San Francisco Giants are hosting “Star Wars Day” that sounds like it’s going to be a total (laser) blast.  As For the Star War days their will be a costume contest where Star Wars geeks or as I like to say virgins forever can dress like their favorite character.  Also don’t forget following the game against the D-Backs a live screening of the The Empire Strikes Back will be played All I can say is how epic is that?  Then you ask how can the Mighty Giants top that how about a limited edition “Brian Wilson in Carbonite” statue, that looks as sweet as you think it would.
From the San Francisco Giants website
Giveaway Item Detail: The giveaway item included with the Star Wars special event ticket is “Brian Wilson in Carbonite” statue. The statue is three sided, with one side featuring the iconic Han Solo in carbonite pose featured in “The Empire Strikes Back.” A second side features Brian Wilson, in his trademark post-save celebration pose, frozen in carbonite similar to Han. The third side features graphics celebrating the Giants and Star Wars.

Oh my god I better receive the invite to this epic party.  I guarantee that this event will be sold out immediately all I can say is can you sleep at night knowing that a virgin is going to go to the coolest party of the century while your at home sitting on the couch snacking on cheetos.  Of course my friends would probably lose respect and think I’m a bigger loser than I already am but let me ask you this wouldn’t it rock your socks off to know that I had a “Brian Wilson in Carbonite sitting above my bed?"

In closing I just want you to

know “Let the beard boldly go where you never have been before” 

To soon to talk NFL Draft 2012?

I understand that the NFL Draft is a long ways away but what the heck we should have some fun and start debating.  For the second pick in the 2012 Draft I can see the Seahawks going after USC QB Matt Barkley.  I feel as if Charlie Whitehurst is going to fail and Tarvaris Jackson need I say more.  Here is thing I have nothing against these quarterbacks but the thing is neither of the two are gamers I wouldn’t want to give them the ball when the game is on the line.  With that said I can only assume Carroll would assure owner Paul Allen that he can get the Seahawks back into the playoffs with his former signal collar Matt Barkley.  If that isn’t the case Matt Barkley could end up being the favorite to be the No. 1 overall pick for the 2012 NFL Draft.  This past season Barkley has thrown for 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for a struggling Trojan football team that is still under sanctions.  

Bronco Fans are Just Weak!

Shocking a Bronco Fan is upset with Tim Tebow.  I will honestly admit I’m a Tebow fan I don’t have complaints about him honestly how could you.  He is solid human, He is a workaholic.  He takes pride on and off the field.  The fact of the matter is In the media business we try to dissect an individual until we find the negatives about someone and bash them.  An example of this is Chad Ocho Cinco because he runs his mouth we label him as a no it all and un-coachable. 

Tebow you have my respect keep up the good work.  I will always be a Tebow supporter regardless if he ever succeeds on the football field because lets be honest football isn’t everything yet we need to take a step back realize that isn’t everything.  If I ever have a son or daughter I would be proud to say that they are an example of Tebow.  This fans displeasure with Tebow isn’t with his arm strength, accuracy or even his leadership qualities but this dumb-ass fan is upset with Tebow ability to wear a hat backwards, being more specific this fan is upset with Tebow wearing his hat backwards like a most baseball players most noticeably Ken Griffey Jr

So how does this Fan express his anger with Tebow’s cap wearing choice? By a hand-written letter of course.  The most puzzling part of this story is the fact that this fan doesn’t take his hatred to the social media circle or even twitter but he actually mails the letter to newly acquired receiver David Anderson, who then decides to post his first piece of “fan mail” to Twitter
Below is a copy of the single-page letter enjoy life cry do whatever you would like with it 

Shaq And Shaq’s Girlfriend Most Likely Stretch The Limits Of What Is Sexually Possible


One Question How?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Randy Moss Set to Retire

Randy Moss has announced his retirement. An all-time great and a sure Hall of Famer, Moss’ greatness cannot be denied.  He is one of the best big-play offensive players of all time and the elite threat of our generation. Moss’ physical abilities were off the charts.  I will truly miss his on the field presence as well as his lousy work ethic. Apparently, Moss realized he wasn’t quite the same in this capacity and wisely decided to get out instead of suffering through a season like he did in 2010.  All of that being said, I will very much miss watching what Moss could do on the football field. There really has not been another player quite like him.